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"The web site for the astronomically disadvantaged"

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be an astronomer? Do you have any questions that you would like an astronomer to answer? Would you like to hear the latest about hyperspace, black holes, time travel and quantum cosmology? Well, at the Astronomy Cafe you've come to the right place! Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and have a far-out adventure at the outer frontier of space and time.
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The "Astronomy Cafe" book. To be published by W.H. Freeman and Sons in May, 1998. Visit this link for more information about the book, where to order it, and how to use it. Also, an updated list of any errata that have been brought to my attention after the book was published. 

 The Astronomy Cafe CD-ROM If you want to get a copy of this 50 MPEGS, 40 sound files and over 300 space images! 

Here's what you will find at this award-winning website:

                                Astronomical resources:

  • Ask the Astronomer. An archive of 3001 questions and answers online.
  • Ask the Space Scientist send your new questions here, plus 1500+ archived new answers to questions I have answered since April, 1997.
  • Astronomy Career Guide. Elementary school to graduate school and beyond. First-hand experiences in the making of an!
  • Popular Astronomy Articles. Published essays written by me about everything from the Big Bang to research
  • Big Bang Cosmology. A collection of essays on many aspects of Big Bang cosmology written for the interested general public
  • The infrared universe. Science, Data, the technical details of astrophysics
  • Anatomy of a research paper. How astronomers write papers and get them published in professional journals
  • My favorite web resources. Links to web sites that I frequently visit.
  • Links to the Cafe. Places that link to the Astronomy Cafe
  • Career Survey. Find out what makes people become professional astronomers
  • Baseball Music Catalog. Popular songs from 1850 to 1990

My 'day job' with NASA:

  • IMAGE/POETRY The education and public outreach web site for NASA's IMAGE satellite program.
  • Movies fropace.m S A collection of NASA MPEG and AVI videos of planets, stars and galaxies.
  • Sounds from Space. A collection of unusual sounds produced by the planet Earth.