For instance, although both decimal and roman numeral notations can represent numbers, the process of multiplying roman numerals is much more difficult than the process for multiplying decimals. Of the two notations, decimal notation is in general the better representation to enable mathematical processes   
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Final Note:

 I have been captivated by space exploration since I was in grammar school which included a mysterious recuring illness that seemed to coincide with space missions. Like everyone, my world view is a product of many early influences. Two of them, at the age of 12, are most notable: reading (as best I could) and  "Intelligent Life in the Universe" and seeing/readingStanley Kubrick  Arthur C. Clarke's . Over the ensuing three decades, their books and TV shows have made a continual impression upon me. If you think you see the influence of these guys upon anything in this website you are not at all mistaken.

The Tao is Silent. Raymond M. Smullyan, Harper and Row, NY 1977 B127 T3 S65 Mugar.

A monk once asked a Zen-Master: ``Does the dog have a Buddha nature?''
He replied: ``Yes, it does.''
The monk then asked, ``Do you have a Buddha nature?''
He replied: ``No, I do not.''
The monk then said: ``But I thought that everybody has the Budda nature''
The Master replied: ``Yes, but I am not everybody.'' p.120

A mother was once scolding her teen-age son for being ``selfish''. The boy -- who was very bright -- suddenly turned to the mother and said: ``Mother, one thing I would like to know: For whose sake do you wish me to be unselfish?'' p.128.

        Most people hate egotists.

        They remind them of themselves.

        I love egotists.

        They remind me of me.                           p.132.
Materialist: ``It makes no more sense to ask where one's consciousness goes after death than to ask where the motion of a motor goes after the motor is turned off. The motion does not _go_ _anywhere_; it just ceases.''

 Interesting phrase: "I couldn't fail to disagree with you less!" p203.
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