We imagine some readers asking: ``Mightn't `morphogenesis' fit better?" We use `epigenesis' in order to refer to the complete process of mapping from the genotype to the phenotype. However, morphogenesis does capture the essence of the process that is used in our (Noels') work; frankly, we are smitten with the analogy. Choosing the atom features (say pixel for images, Hardy waves for sound) is similar to starting with a specialized cell, then forming the cell into some organization - morphogenesis.

"We make out of our quarrels with others rhetoric, but of our quarrels with ourselves Poetry"
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The possible destiny of the United States Of America,- as a nation of a hundred millions of fremen,- stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, living under the laws of Alfred, and speaking the lenguage of Shakspeare and Milton, is an august conception. Why should we not wish to see it realized? America would then be England viewed through a solar microscope; Great Britain in a state of glorious magnification ! How deeply to be lamented is the spirit of hostility and sneering which some of the popular books of travel have shown in treating of the Americans! They hate us, no doubt, just as brothers hate; but they respect the opinion of an Englishmen concerning thenselves ten times as much as that of a native of any other country on earth.A very little humouring of their prejudices, and some courtesy of the language and demeanour on the part of Englishmen, would work wonders, even as it is, with the public mind of the Americans.
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the finest edge, into which the meditative mind of a contemplator was ever ground, is but the back of the blade in the comparison with the subtlety of

601He, who begins by loving Christianity better than Truth, will proceedby loving his own Sect or church better than Cristianity, and end in loving himself beter than all...aids to reflection.

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  The architectural genius consists in the power of aptly, becomingly, and proportionally inclosing , subinclosing and applying in all itsdimensions a given space, the place of which remains the same, for a given ends; and of producing a unity of the exterior surface, expressing at once the greater or less manifoldsness of the spaces contained and the characteristic purpose of the whole, not without a correspondency and reciprocity of effect to [ The object ]

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