Legality that the computer has on the information it holds and the communication between its partner the fibre optics wires.
        It is a matter of most interest to know how it can be regulated the access to information that a computer reads while on operation, or how to stop a fibre optics cable to read private mail.
It is possible to indicate the to the users, who is whatching; but quite complicated to handle a search warrant to a main frame computer.
                                                                                                    Art point

                   (  Liberation and vision on reality)

        On the nadir of our imagination. Withdrawal from this dual reality, created by a whole. Materialization becomes the time and space of a non gravity force.
[ 1=1=2=10+1+1+0=1/2 ]=1+1= [1].
Sew the darn sex, the only god of the creator, the one who exist only by two. [2] These absolute truths. Two is two, and we know is one. [1]
How these depths of existence, exist only on the actuality of two. Were does one becomes one.
The depict were is he. [1]
It is not the entanglement of this universe, but our living facts. Our conundrum and our essence; the evidence of a living entity. Being two living entities, in reality they adhere on each others for their actuality.
        The observed with its rhythmical wish is measured by the extraneous distant device, his query, is inquired by the mechanism of  enlightenment, the sights of the beholder.
He is seeking to discern, the objective world and himself.
The human character when quiz about the question of equality, his inquiry evolves into an enquiry, and the new survey becomes an inquest, by which nature creates the nature of the [1] question and hides its reason.
The answer to this balance is on sexual dimentions of humans. The end of a former world form and an evolution of the human patrimonial, this new form of the applied arts and thoughtful consumption of energy is a pattern for the progress of men. When both sexes achieve [1] equal mould the singularity of god will be symbolize. This riddle that has hostage the visions of  the past, is only a  joke for the blind in this dark lights.
    Sex and sexy entreaty. These eternal divisions, can make sexual passions create essence, and watch both sexes becoming union of the whole. Giving parturition to a division and an allotment to its other half unity [1] = 1ç1=2=ç=1/2.
Maths and the arts of creation. Ask is it! Is it a half, the them synthesis! Or is as well time, as in space where this unity, which is only in continuance, breathe the existence of another unity. A unity that is in [1] space impend as the existence of the same unity[ + ] itself, another unity that exist in space/time. Its breastwork exist by his importance. I think consequently I am.
I time hence I space/  ( . ). The I and the space = [ ] time. The space on time without the I is only a configuration. The me, I, me mine, and the space are [=] to importance.
As we add time, we exist. The [I] is a duality due to this division among the masculine and the feminine, sense both are able to compute a unity. Life the division, both [3], which we call evolution. Eternity becomes a search for union, and infinity an absolute quest for a singularity that will fusion the two opposites.
For this simple reason the knowledge of the universe is hiding between the two halves of the human mind, the sex gender male, and his partner the female.
In order for this human race to understand the secrets of their existence in space/time the two minds must become one the (1 = + =1 - 2 = 1 = 3 - 1 = [0] ).
        The fission of both sexes shall reveal the depths secrets of nature and wake up the human race from their existing sleep.  Men has become incapable of manufacture the proper decisions, his useless culture are method for exhibit a compulsion of love, and sensitive desires for pleasure. Europe [Order] wither on the hands of progress, is still clinging to history to justified his existence. Africa [Genealogy] claiming the cradle of men, while the new worlds [Technology] blend into a mysticism's of the Orient [supposytional]. Men must stop time, and learn from his mistakes, embracing this present that is his future.
Pleasure the sister of love, and the daughters of sex pants on the air of existence. Knowledge  the genitor of all, the saviour and destroyer is held in the inexpedient hands. Symmetrical the rulers of  the seas claiming to know the myth of life, bending and bowing on the pleasures of love. These bundle of the human self they describe, this rumble of ecstasy were many are one, and one is two, and these two evolves into [1+1=3].
    This new bold life disappearance from the grisly past  This future which is yours to handle and enrich by the forthwith.
Pleasure love, and desire, enjoyment and passion.
Those who wrote the book of  books, the ones who proclaimed to know the actuality of life and its reason. This dusk of pleasure doing nothing but making love to you, penetrating you, one additional rub until we are one, occasional until, one's returns to one's mind, which are two.
Having both of our sexes penetrate each others. To fuck each other up, one another you and me licking the best of your juicy flavour, that juicy sex, lore and behold! Reasoning,  reading until the nigh falls of the sky, to turn the day's on alert, and love...
        I know, but lucky you that I came along with my humble bag, my blue jeans, and my blue sky.  Yes it is blue, if you look carefully you will notice how blue it is.
The marriage of science and arts, is a philosophical, mathematical joggle, adding numbers, adding concepts, these are the last attempts that men has created to be able to reach women and his [I].
The women scientist, the women of maths. I wonder of the of the old religions and the stable places of women in our society. This world if you don't mine, covers the old age with its new hopes, enjoy every minute of it, and when finally you relinquish that old bag that keeps you tied to desperation road. Unleash yourself towards pleasure, the old god shall not punish you. As there are no gods on the heavens only forms shapes and entities, the rest are myths of the imagination to hinder the self and stop the only way of evolution, which the ancients called pleasure.
 And to say good by, tell me what excites you. Are pleasures, mysteries and desires, the way to sexual fulfilment, to wonder, to capture these desires, to posses and be posses.
Is it all in your minds [I].
Guess! and you will see the riddles of this culture were you happened to exist evolve, knowing that in many ways this culture has provide you with things that enable you to conquer nature at the same time with myths that have conquered you, imprisoned in your essence, and blur with vision. And to get off the dirt of knowledge, the best remedy is to enjoy wide and side