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The time to send words to yourself.
 The time for yourself to talk to time.

                                                            In  A way.

There is a reason why time rest upon a sea of movement.now
This animation metamorphoses into matter, a medium, à process itself.
Consequently the existence of bounds, is in the elements of property.
Energy breathes the consciousness of a paradox.
The facts are told following logical analysis, and they are not quite right.
Most of all, the incentive can't determine the reality, as the emergence  becomes  spontaneous.
That reality is unable to blend into it's present.
Memory alone can't find the answer.
The rules of nature, wicked by time. Time related to your mind, to itself, and to your memory banks.
Tricks the human nature, and creates an aperture towards searching, grasping, and guiding the conscious mind towards its finest accomplishment.
Finding itself lost in a sea of motion bythe heed of it's own innovation, causes it's own displacement from our reality.
An ascertain question. Dimensions of consciousness in the bed of time.
A form created for duration to used its magnet to be abel to travel from one space towards another.
Time itself has a singularity that transit. This singularity exist on a cushion of energy that is a timeless matter form of unreal time to your logic, but real to nature. Time exist thanks to that uncertainty principle, therefore that theory that unites everything is understood.The avow of another pattern of logic in a fluid dimension which includes time as a running course. Motion that travel faster than light, but exist slower than its own time. Time a physical dimension outside of the speed of light.
Time in a sense is part of a limited existence of humans.  The Human Singularity. The eternal time. well
The eternal organism.
A complete being, based on reason, but supported by colour.
A body of symbols.
Time in this reality is a cushion  that becomes motion, as time moves the cushion expands and time is space in the infinite forms of time, duration adding another property to space. Outside the speed of light, beyond our own knowledgeable changes space. In its own time.
But the space of time is not quite the same to us, as our own mindfulness of space and time.
Is order. To understand the space of time, we must adapt ourselves to the eternal time, to be abel to feel the eternal space.
When the infinite is together, bright and clear, we are one  with the singularity.
The whole becomes one, and time reinvents itself.  It Exist.
The space of time exist  to our  own eyes, and it  is the most humble singularity. The most sensitive of existence. Men in relation to time exist, only through the gap of the understanding of beauty. Beauty that lens and enables the mind to image the realm of reality.
The madness of this odd time, that creeps upon its own existence and measures myself, against myself .
Time the deliverance once again, knocks at the door. He  the one who we all know. This time he is my best friend; And now the drifting moments of leisure say! Is this the right time to say HI!
Why and when.
  After such a long search for the philosophy of mind, and the answers to the endless questions about the existence of the mind. A conclusion has reached the present time, a time of realm.
This we can say is the moment of truth. We can call it reality in the human universe.
Reality for a humane universe is quite another matter.
We call that Illusion.

so what