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The movement  of light.

    The question  of  the  dark  matter in the universe has become the origins of the question of the existence of light. Light to the human mind is the justification of the existence of beauty.
In what the universe is concern, the existence of a dark matter is in fact a source of light that the human mind can't rationalize, neither imagined a method of  how to search properly in order to see it. His logic has focused the spectrum of the mind  to a point were brightness is the logical outcome of matter. The dark matter which he is quite  incapable of perceiving becomes antimatter.
    As every human is in fact encircled by time; which to his reason translates in the paradox of light and dark, beauty/uglynes, wholeness and emptiness, matter and the absence of matter. This paradox which is the substance of ignition for his evolution. In fact the universe  is envelope on a sea of light source, recycling himself, igniting. Some of it humans see, most humans are incapable of seeing it. These parts of the light that they can see, is in reality as bright as the ones they can not see, only it is a qualia that the mind has not perceive. In order to see further this humans created an answer to their unanswered question, they named the obstruction a question of time for the mind, and felt particular minds that are capable of perceiving the objective world must exist under the boundaries of science. In fact this humans had the peculiar need in their evolution that required, logical reason to achieve the perception of colour to justified their existence, as if their minds were dark, the small part of that mind that is lit, is thanks to the culture of science, the rest remained in a eternal darkness. A human is any form of evolving existence which has his mind located in the upper part of his body, and these minds look upwards for their answers. In science as well as religion, the answers are above in the sky, what he sees below is not the ground but the molecules that make the sky above. Synthesis of these individual organisms that compose the forms and minds in question. Are found in the paradox of the union between the largest and the smallest. This mind must have the capacity to question itself, in order to evolve. Our precious dark matter that he does not see, is part of his evolution, he questions himself. To question himself! Has he actually created another form of reasoning to inquire into this dark matter? Without result, he created scenes and methods, logic's and mathematics, and  this dark matter in question slips through his mind, leaving behind unanswered logical belief. He must continue his quest until reaching perfection.  This empty whole which we cant see, is light, light that exist on a different support and mathematics of the light you actually know, this existence depends most on a reaction a polite acceptance, rather than on a cold mathematical reasoning of mass and gravity. It does exist because matter is present, but simple by the existence of matter objectively of her existence. Time in this respect does not have a definite direction neither a precise end. Time appears and disappears only as the result of a contact with the direction of time intend that exist for humans, this dark matter- time exist only  as a result of the time you and I take as time. The intensity of the consciousness of time  is the thermodynamics of the existence of time for the dark matter. Our quest brings us to an answer, a door towards this mystery that must be solve, in order to continue to a new quest. One thing that you first most know is that the universe is rapt around strings of light, light as we perceive and light as we are unable to perceive, this immense hart, which pumps its vitality for you to see, and question, has indeed a head, dwell a guiding vehicle, a way out of himself. This universe will eventually be different the moment you do arrive at seeing this dark matter, who by them no longer will be dark but bright. Them we do have another problem, our eyes in fact must adapt to the intensity of this new light, the sky will always glow, no longer shall we experience total darkness, only different degrees of brightness.
In the world of knowledge. Vision is well considered to be a subjective satisfaction, a certain kind of know how. Understanding the dimensions of any language, can open your sight, you can physically perceive different colours as your mind understand the different dimensions of a language; and if you do happened to know more than one language and it's dimensions, your understanding and perception of this dark matter becomes a bit brighter. I can perhaps affirm that this dark matter in question is only dark for some, and glowing to others. Perhaps we see with our minds/ think with our vision/ lesson with our eyes/sense with our hearing taste.

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