Distributed representation

 - A distributed representation is one in which meaning is not captured by a single symbolic unit, but rather arises from the interaction of a set of units, normally in a network of some sort

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Welcome to Alfredo's world of art.


Art can be a crutch if mistaken by the mind for a new insight, when in fact it is only a rearrangement of older concepts. Evolution in art progresses as the artist's seemingly illogical visions and ideas become accepted into the current trend of ideas. As those ideas are accepted into the mainstream it pulls in other ideas and concepts that were previously in limbo.
Culture is a very static system, when the new ideas dislodge it, the culture absorbs them into its gravitation and turn them into static forms.

An awareness of another dimension creates a new world for the individual. This not only isolates him from the mainstream but it also isolates the mainstream from him. Making communication impossible...... Opening the door to the theories the art critics expound, who submiting to the world invalid information to the calibre of art, but its economic value!
They dictate how this wealth is distributed, Not by the worth of each work of art, but by its market value.

When someone views a work of art, whether his emotions accept or reject it, the impressions will become embedded into his consciousness. The art of today is a form of sublime entropy, it helps the evolution of the mind, it keeps it in chaos, it helps it not to be totally mechanical.
why not
A new cultural experience becoming a creation of a new dimension.
Are a cognitive flux of communication between the senses.


Leaving objective impressions to an automated reasoning enslaves freedom.The awareness of a dimension is not in the mastering of nature but in the assimilation of nature.Evolution is the assimilation of nature. The mind at its present level does not understand the notion of space and time. It can only create theories concerning the beginning of the universe...... The reason for this is because research is carried out separately and not in a assimilative form with other sciences and arts.

He must solve a inconsistency. He wants to understand and live diversity in unity.

The mind travels, absorbs and unfolds vision in objects to understand what the intellect has created. To relocate itself in relation to its manifestation, and feel its dimensions. One of the current problems of the spirit is the collective understanding of its multiple objective worlds when facing the task of dealing with billions of bits of information.

The mind constructs itself by its primal senses, then it goes on to transfer impressions.Art in this precise moment becomes the chaos of equilibrium.

Man when inquires about himself finds the peculiar labyrinth of accommodating a problem with the nature of a paradox.


A blind man is able to hear better than a sighted one.
The mind is in fact a pentagon that interchanges information between its five senses, any failure in one of this reasonings is compensated by the other senses.

Where we are bound!

The spats for that fulcrum is a match for the acme of these colours.


They are mighty black,blue and green in the day time, red on the twilight of the day.... Crazy for more love and craving for more. I feel more relax, painting to another tune, painting to refresh your soul.....Mensa...In this paradisiac time of expansion?........Only a prelude, an hallucination in a paradoxical virtual world.....
T2These absolute pleasures, the mesh of   entropy


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